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Who is out there?

Posted on March 24, 2010 at 12:55 AM

Who is out there?

As long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the unlimited source of energy that shapes the magical mysteries of the universe. Certainly it is a great challenge forman's physical and mental capacities to comprehend the true dimensionsof such an enigma.

This hidden phenomenon perhaps reveals itself only to those who, on a subconscious level, travel between these dimensions, and this is the reason why some composers have "lived" so long eventhough they have been physically dead for some time.

Since man is unaware of his origins, he cannot explain the source of this life of "musical sounds". We are left to believe that we mimic many sounds of nature, and the recordings that astronomical research has made hitherto of the sounds of this musical, outer space, do not translate as "music"to our ears.

Hence, our knowledge of musical sound scapes as a whole, whether it is projected from the depths of our planet or outer space, is going to remain limited.

With the arrival of technology our vision and understanding of musical sounds has changed immensely, and the new direction of perceptual manipulation in music creates an enormous bazaar of musicians around the world with only one objective to achieve: popularity.

However, speaking for myself, I would rather continue with my metaphorical observations of this energetic life form that shapes the entire universe, with a view to fully embracing and comprehending the quintessence of this energy.

I sincerely believe that, from all the sounds that we are surrounded by on this planet, be it oceanic sounds or those sounds that are produced by animals of all sorts, including those that we have created (for example, the sound of machines, the sound of musical symphonies), we react only to a small percentage of them, such as the song of a nightingale, the roar of a lion or the chug of a train.

In other words, we are unable to perceive sounds that come from deep space, such as the sound of the earth revolving around the sun, the sound of a comet speeding by, and the sound of a collapsing star.

I think that the work of most composers is often limited to their times, seasons and eras, and this is mainly due to the limited knowledge of the origin of sound as a life force.

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